Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Rule of 3 Blogfest Pt. 2!


  • Someone is killed or almost killed
  • One of the characters is revealed to be not who or she is
  • A character lies to another on an important matter

  • "You do realize what today is?"

    Junior Grace Delia Star crossed her arms as the Principal Grace leaned over the body, a heated knife in his hand. It was an exact replica of Rist's, standard issue Grace weaponry. Even though he could barely breathe, the boy flinched at the site of it.

    "Today is the day of the Last Betrayal. The day my kind was able to finally conquer yours."
    Delia knew better than to contradict the Principal Grace in front of a prisoner, but he was wrong. The Last Betrayal had nothing to do with Graces, nothing to do with mind travel. It was when the city collapsed on itself, and they arrived just in time to pick up the pieces. All that was left was a shambled mess of a city called Renaissance.

    "You'll never... get her."

    Erik had been burned half to death by the shocks, but his eyes were still violent. They locked on Dalia. "She's stronger than you."

    "She's one of us," the Principal Grace corrected. His golden robes were garish on a day like this, when the sun refused to shine and the entire city draped itself in black. They would have been more fitting in an interrogation room, but the boy had been too close to death to move him. The Battlestand was less than a yard away.

    Dalia could hear the souls inside of it scream for the divine justice that had abandoned them over a hundred years ago. The sound was never silent, it had followed her into her sleep ever since she'd arrived in Renaissance.

    "You're... lying." Erik coughed the words out with blood.

    The Principal Grace looked over at Dalia, nodding her forward. "No, Erik," she said, and he visibly calmed at her voice. It was manipulation, but it worked. "Think about it. Rist hasn't been the same lately, has she? Not for about eleven months."


    "She is a Grace. Though she would've died before she told you. Get your revenge, Erik. Tell us where she is."

    Erik's cough took on a gurgling sound, blood rising in his throat. Concerned, Dalia sat next to his body, lifting his head just enough so he could keep breathing. Her robes - silver to the Principal's gold - soaked in the blood from the ground.

    "Where is she?" Dalia asked softly.

    Erik shook his head, and Dalia felt a fierce surge of pride. He had honor. If the citizens of Renaissance had half his courage, then maybe... maybe things weren't so hopeless after all. She hid her expression from the Principal Grace. "He's going."

    "Where is she?" The Grace demanded, his voice growing fiercer as Dalia's softened.

    His face was terrible, and Dalia made herself look away into the trees beyond.


    The trees shivered. There, in the branches, a pair of green eyes peaked out. She recognized them. "Rist."

    "What?" The Principal Grace turned to her, annoyed by the distraction.

    The eyes disappeared. When Dalia looked back down into Erik's eyes, she saw his fear. His concern for Rist, his love for Renaissance. Things like that were nearly impossible to hide. Dalia knew, she'd been hiding them her whole life.

    "Nothing, Principal Grace." She spoke while watching Erik. "It's nothing."

    His eyes gave her all the hope she had ever needed, because they held the one thing she had never received.



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    JennaQuentin said...

    It sounds like there's quite a history behind all this! Looking forward to learnig more about these characters!

    David Powers King said...

    You have a great sting of tension here. Such a sad and thoughtful piece. Moving from beginning to end. I like it a lot!

    Great job, Bethany! :)

    Book Republik Blog said...

    I must echo david, there's emotion here. Well done.

    Peaches Ledwidge said...

    I'll echo David too.

    Lisa Aldin said...

    ECHO David. =)

    Kurt Hartwig said...

    I really like the slow build of the world you've created. Dovetails nicely with the rising tension.

    Lisa Gail Green said...

    I got so wrapped up in that I wanted to read more! Then I remembered this isn't a whole novel. :(

    Lynda R Young said...

    You've written another fabulous piece. So poingant.

    The Golden Eagle said...

    Beautiful writing. There's so much hinted-at history between the characters and the setting; I want to know more about this world!

    li said...

    Looking forward to next 2 installments - and how things will be resolved :-)

    Sangu said...

    I want to know so much more - such a great piece, Bethany!

    Angela Brown said...

    As part of the Pay it Forward blog hop, Sangu from Echoes of a Wayward Mind mentioned your blog. Boy, after reading your piece for the Rule of 3 blogfest, I see she was spot on.

    Will be following and enjoying. :-)

    Anonymous said...

    The bittersweet tones and the depth of their history is intriguing. can't wait to see more.

    BornStoryteller said...

    Lots of great tension, and some nice building to come.

    Looking forward to part three.

    co-host #REN3
    Tale Spinning

    May-Day_Aura said...

    I like how you weave the history, bottled emotions, and tension into the story.

    Anonymous said...

    Somehow missed both of these entries, so I'm commenting on both now.

    Great installments, and excellent tension. I feel bad for Erik, but it was a terrific ending.