Thursday, 20 October 2011

Rule of 3 Blogfest Pt. 3!

(Firefly joke. Hehe!)

It's time again for the Rule of 3 Blogfest! Sweet! Rules are here. Go check out all the entrants, they've been great so far!

Here are the prompts I used:
  • Betrayal is in the air
  • Relationships unravel or strengthen
  • A long-kept secret is revealed

Erik knew he was dead, it was just a matter of letting his eyes close. His life-force - that energy that had helped him climb trees, play with Briton around the school yard, kiss Rist before she decided she was too grown up for little things like that - was slipping into the mud around him like spilt milk.

The Graces in front of him were fuzzy, but three more people appeared behind them, and they were clear as day. By the stars, they were beautiful. One of them looked so familiar, he could almost...

"Hold on, Erik," she said, moving forward. She floated past the Graces without trouble, laying a hand on his chest. Her fingers were warm.

Somewhere behind here, the Principal Grace was arguing with Dalia. "Let him die. Your job was to get him to talk, you failed. There's nothing more to be done." Dalia argued back, but her voice was too soft for him to hear.

The woman leaned forward, her eyes the same color as the rock-crystals he and Rist used to collect to give to Briton. If Erik'd had any breath to spare, he would have gasped; that's how he knew her. This woman, this glowing angel of a woman, had Briton's eyes and Rist's face; their mother. "Are.. you..."

She hushed him, but her eyes smiled. "The gods have not abandoned you, child. Renaissance has not been forsaken. We are returning, and it was Rist who called us. Called us - called me - using the mind-call of the Graces." She saw the faint tears welling in his eyes, and her hand moved to his cheek. "She did not abandon you either."

Strength trickled into him, and he noticed the other two angels - gods? - casting some sort of spell. Where they healing him?

His eyes sharpened, the glow of the angels faded. The Principal Grace and Dalia, that girl who had been so quiet in school and had never spoken a word against the Graces, were still arguing.

"If you won't let him die, then I must take action." With one swift movement, the Principal Grace charged at Erik, the electric blade flashing in his hand.

Rist charged out of the trees behind him, barely giving Erik time to gasp before she leaped on the Principal Grace. He fell in a whirl of golden fabric, but took Rist with him. They struggled, but he ended up kneeling on top of her, the blade in his hand. "I knew you wouldn't watch him die, Rist."

He raised the blade to her throat, an ugly grin on his face. Erik's heart leapt halfway out of his chest.

The grin faded, replaced by surprise. With Rist still trapped beneath him he gasped, coughed, and fell over dead on the ground.

Dalia stood above his corpse, a bloody knife clenched in her hand.

Word Count: 479

:) I'm off to read some other entries - happy Thursday!

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Kurt Hartwig said...

Great entry! Hope we get some backstory on the Graces and how the world work in the last installment!

BornStoryteller said...

There, before the graces, go I...

REALLY looking forward to week four.

co-host #REN3
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The Golden Eagle said...

Amazing story! This is a fascinating world you've spun throughout this blogfest--I can't wait to read the final installment. :)

Lisa Gail Green said...

Okay, seriously, I know I said it before but I want to read more! I like these characters.

Sangu said...

Ahhhh betrayal. Love that theme. This was great, Bethany!

Kerri Cuev said...

Fantastic! Betrayal brings out powerful emotions. Great theme.

Janet Johnson said...

I totally missed the first two, but cool challenge.

And yay for Shannon!

Jemi Fraser said...

Very nice!

And yay for Firefly humour! Best show ever! :)

Ms Saba (aka Teacher007.5) said...

very tense scene!

Book Republik Blog said...

Well paced, intriguing story. Looking forward to next week's culmination.

Talli Roland said...

YIKES! A bloody knife! People dropping down dead! Eeeeeek...

Laila Knight said...

Awesome story. Angel creatures and graces...pretty cool. I also love your descriptions. :)