Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Infinite Sacrifice by L.E. Waters

Maya’s shocked to discover it’s not the heaven she imagined;in fact, a life of adventure begins the moment you die.

Zachariah, her faithful spirit guide, explains the rules of the dead: in order to regain complete awareness and reunite with loved ones all souls must review their previous lives.

Maya plunges warily into her turbulent pasts as a sociopathic High Priest in ancient Egypt; an independent mother protecting a dangerous secret in glorious Sparta; an Irish boy kidnapped and enslaved by Vikings; and a doctor’s wife forced to make an ethical stand in plague-ridden England.

All the while, Maya yearns to be with those she cares about most and worries that she hasn’t learned all of heaven’s most vital lessons. Will she be forced to leave the tranquility of heaven to survive yet another painful and tumultuous life? Or worse, accept the bitter reality of having to go back alone

Why I started reading: The concept. I mean really, read that blurb again. It drew me in immediatedly.

Why I kept reading: In a word? The characters. The immediate contrast between Maya in the beginning of the novel and her character in the first life grabbed me. I saw a glimpse of the journey she had gone through, and I wanted to see more. I kept reading, and I was not disappointed.

The Writing Style: Intimate and honest. I saw an earlier draft of this novel, and let me tell you - the author only keeps getting better. The potential in her writing style and storytelling is huge, but it isn't just potential. This book is solid and well-written.

The Story: It's a mix of fantasy and historical fiction - the official genre is Reincarnation Fantasy - and let me tell you this straight off: L.E. Waters knows her stuff. The historical details are not only vivid, but they're true to the time period. And the fantasy? Let's just say it was more than enough to satisfy me, lover of all things magical.

In this story, Maya is taken through several different lives - but you never lose sight of her character. Even in four stories from four different time periods, the characters remain continuous and well-rounded.

If there's one thing I would critique about this book in it's final stage, it's that I wish it were longer. I love all the characters, and I want to see more of them in more detail. Thankfully, it's the first in a series - and up next? Italy! Heck to the yes!

My Recommendation: Beyond worth the 2.99 at Amazon. If you like fantasy or history, you'll enjoy this book - and if you like both? You'll love it as much as I do!


(P.S. The book's author is doing a giveaway here - you should check it out!)


Laila Knight said...

Oh now this sounds way cool. Life begins after heaven and not what we imagined at all. I'm all there. :)

Marsha Sigman said...

This sounds so good! What an awesome concept!

Lauren W. said...

If I wrote this book, and you were the only one to have read it, then it was all worth it :) A million thanks!

The Golden Eagle said...

Great review!

That's an interesting blurb--not many stories take place in the afterlife!

E.R. King said...

Another cheap book to buy that's a good read. Score! Thanks.

Missed Periods said...

You know it's a good book when you don't want it to end!

Jennifer Hillier said...

Great review! I love how you described the writing style as "intimate and honest." That's about as good as it gets, I think.