Friday, 4 November 2011

*Sigh* Another Strong, Sassy Heroine...


NaNo, here I come! With my paranormal fantasy, which actually kind of takes place in a city so it's urban as well.

Which comes with its own set of problems - stereotyped characters for one.

I know strong heroines are all the rage, and they should be - because look at the alternative..

But I've read an awful lot of covers that boast about a strong, sassy heroine who takes no attitude from anyone - and then, surprise of surprise, the heroine actually turns out to be a fairly normal person who flips off her boss once.

So I guess I'm asking this - what are you sick of in your heroines? What do you want to see more of? Who is your favorite heroine of all time?



Carrie Butler said...

That's a great question! I think you can go too far the other way, too. You know, creating a heroine who walks around with a chip on her shoulder--always comparing herself to "normal," angsty women. I want to yell, "You're overcompensating!"

I love heroines who alternate between the two extremes, depending on the situation. Maybe she's really tough/brave when someone she's close to is threatened, but she's terrified of lady bugs. (Weird example, but you get my point.)

Great post, Bethany! :)

Cassie Mae said...

Lol, this is exactly why I write from the male POV.

I just don't want the herione to be the same old girl who bites her lip constantly and tucks her hair behind her ears. I like the toughie, but would prefer that I stay out of her head so she doesn't turn out to be a walking contradiction. :)

Marsha Sigman said...

LOL! I read your title and there any other kind?

Fav. Heroine: Buffy. (although technically that is a TV show and not a novel but I don't care.)

Sick of girls who wait on guys to rescue them. My MC's rescue the helpless guys who sit on the sidelines and look know, like real life.hahhahha

The Golden Eagle said...

My favorite heroine of all-time? Now that's a hard question . . . but one of my favorites is Beka Cooper, from the series of the same name by Tamora Pierce. She's shy and quiet, and doesn't like attention, but she's smart and knows how to defend herself.

Morgan said...

Awesome post! It made me laugh and kind of cringe because it's so true. I'd have to agree with Martha and say Buffy's my favorite heroine, because she's somewhat balanced. Yeah, she's tough and she can handle herself, but she's also human and makes mistakes, and cries now and then (when she has good reason, like she had to kill her boyfriend) it annoys me when heroines are too tough (and off course, too weak as well, but thankful we've moved away from them becoming popular).

Small Town Shelly Brown said...

I struggle with this as well.

I get tired of the strong woman characters and so I find myself writing normal and quiet kind of girls BUT I'm sure you've noticed that's not me. I'm not normal, I'm not quiet.

But your right that you read the same things over and over and want to see something different.

At the same time I don't think Bella falls into the strong and sassy category and yet, this is one of many people's complaints against her. She's whiney and most of us.

Sometimes I don't think you can win writing women. It's a loaded issue. I think I might join Cassie.