Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Grabbing Your Moments

Sometimes, there is just no time.

For instance, today: I've been doing bible study all morning, I have class from 9-3 (argh!) I have bills to get in the mail after my roommate buys stamps, today is grocery shopping day, I have four chapters of marketing homework to read and I have two tests on Friday to study for.

Though my exact schedule may be different than yours, I suspect that today will be just as busy for you. That's how it works some days, isn't it? Yet here I am, and here you are, grabbing some time.

We can grab time for blogging:
early in the morning before classes/work
during lunch hour
During dinner (unless you eat with family, because they're more important!)

We can grab time for reading:
In the line at the supermarket
On the bus
For that five-minute break between classes

We can grab time for writing:
ANYWHERE IN BETWEEN! For instance, I always bring the outline I'm working on to geology class, where I already know a lot of the material and only need to take basic notes. Writing is difficult because writing for five minutes at a time can be impossibly frustrating - but we need to stay in practice, even during busy seasons of our lives!

What's keeping you from grabbing extra time today?


L.G. Smith said...

You're right, I wasn't going to blog this week because I just have too much to do, but I couldn't resist. I'll find the time somewhere to finish up everything I need to do. Probably the laundry or dishes won't get done right away. :)

Tonja said...

I got everything done except the dishes :)

mshatch said...

Luckily I've got some writing in today, although not as much as I would've liked due to attending my nephews b-ball game. But it was a fun game :)

Small Town Shelly Brown said...

I make some fabulous excuses but you're right. I've got the time. I need to use my days to their fullest. :)

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The Golden Eagle said...

I love your lists of when to grab some time. I haven't been effectively using my pockets of time lately--this should come in handy.

Missed Periods said...

Nothing! I'm home sick, so I have plenty of time for reading, writing, and blogging. Too bad it took a sore throat and cough to get me the time, but I'll take what I can get!