Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Being Fifteen Minutes Late To Class is Better Than Not Going At All

Today, I was fifteen minutes late for class. It was very difficult for me to get up on time with six hours of sleep and a bad cough to boot, and by the time I was dressed and ready to go the last bus I could catch had already flown by.

So I had a decision to make.

There's the wonderful 'go-back-to-bed-and-worry-about-it-later' approach, which I am normally a fan of.

There's the option to send my professor an email and catch up after class, going into his office hours later.

Then there's the option to buck up and just be fifteen minutes late to class.

Isn't it funny how it's often the same with writing? "Oh, I missed my writing time." "Oh, I don't have anywhere enough time to meet my daily word count." "I'm tired, I'm sick, and I want to sleep." (All right, so that last one is a real reason to put off writing and get well, but you know what I mean!)

When I don't feel up to writing, I usually choose the go-back-to-sleep option. And that's probably a huge reason why I haven't finished my current work in progress. *sigh*

So who's up for new leaves? Let's turn 'em over together!!




L.G. Smith said...

You're right about that. If I get busy doing something and my writing time gets shorted I'm sometimes tempted to blow it off, but if I sit down and pound out at least a paragraph I feel like I at least showed up for class. :)

Christina Lee said...

SO TRUE!!! Like right now, I'm blog hopping instead of writing! :)

Ravena Guron said...

You know, I actually just decided today that I would write tomorrow! But that's because I really feel tired - I spent the whole day doing the most BORING biology paper in the history of ever! So I shall turn my leaf over tomorrow. I will. I WILL (if I say it enough, maybe I'll trick me into believing it's true!)